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Tuning In To Intuition

Rori wearing DRYbands, gymnastics wristbands for grips, using intuition to find a brain tumor.

Although we don't think about it, gymnasts use intuition regularly to keep themselves safe.  For example, when a mistake is made, the gymnast uses intuition to make a split second decision on how to fall without getting injured.

Rori is a gymnast who used her intuition skills to help her make a tough medical decision that very well may have saved her life.

Read more to find out what challenge she faced and how she overcame it.

Lucky Enough to be Different

Lucky Enough to be Different

Gymnastics is a sport that takes strength, power and control.

But what if sometimes, you couldn't control your body no matter how hard you tried?

Would YOU find the determination required to face that challenge every day? 

This is the must read story of a real gymnast and how she overcomes her challenges day after day.

Why do BARS cause RIPS? And how to FIX it!

Why do BARS cause RIPS?  And how to FIX it!

Have you ever wondered why you get blisters and rips after a long day of bars?  
What causes those nasty, painful little sores that sting so much and make washing your hair nearly impossible?
Why do your wrists also end up red and sore?

More importantly, what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future?

Arms Up for Em

Arms Up for Em

It was just an ordinary night of practice at the gym for Emily McClung, until a common mistake literally landed her in a life changing situation.

A true story of how a gymnast overcame an intense injury with a positive attitude, determination and a supportive family and team.