what makes DRYbands better?

Gymnast's raw and blistered wrists

Pain isn't NECESSARY.

Sweaty, damp skin leaves your wrists raw with sores
that never seem to heal.  

DRYbands pull sweat away from your skin with our
patent-pending core that's
20x more absorbent than cotton.

...this reduces or ELIMINATES irritation and rips on wrists,
so you can train in COMFORT.

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Cotton wristbands that are yellow from sweat


Throw out those crunchy cotton and un-washable, bacteria-filled neoprene wristbands already!

DRYbands have an
antimicrobial treatment
 and are 

...DRYbands feel the same after washing
& luck never washes out.

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Gymnast with inverted grip using DRY bands to keep her grips from snagging on her clothes


Don't allow floppy leather buckles to
ruin your meticulous look & end the
constant grip adjusting.

DRYbands flip up to keep grips from snagging leotards, coming loose
or slipping around to
prevent unnecessary deductions.

...and DRYbands can be customized with motivational sayings or your
team logo.





A chalky mess, or something more?

Take a closer look


Her DRYbands are the only thing that save my daughter’s wrist. We tried everything and then I saw an ad on Instagram and decided to try them. We have two back up pair because she loves them so much and she doesn’t rip in them. She used to get the worse rips on her wrist and not no more!! So thank you!

Toni Aleo

These were a game changer. My daughter started training level 8 last year and the increase of giants and big swinging tricks caused her major ripping on her wrists. We had a whole regimen and night that she went through to prevent it getting any worse. At one point she even had an infection. Someone had mentioned these to her coach and recommended that we try them. She has worn them ever since and her wrist rips are completely gone! She is now training level 9 and she has no issues at all with rips! I highly highly recommend!


I ordered by DryBands two Weeks ago and they came so quickly! My wrist rips are almost completely gone after using DryBands for a week! I can get in more reps and I have no pain!! Definitely recommend!!


My daughter who is a level 4 gymnast would continually be adjusting and playing with her grips and buckles , complaining that they move. This had been completely resolved by her using dry bands as the hold the grips in place . She now has new found confidence and is much happier with her grips and bar work.Thankyou.


The Dry Bands are awesome! They are so comfortable and I haven’t had any rips on my wrists since I started using them. They are easy to break in, in fact, I competed with them two days after I got them.

Stefanie Conrad Smith

The customer service from this company is amazing! I placed an order and asked what the shipping time would be because of a very excited gymnast at home. You can imagine my shock when Jen personally delivered them to my house! My daughter is thrilled and they have a customer for life! Also, the product is amazing and my daughter says they feel great!


My daughter finds drybands amazing. Usually when she needs new wristbands it's an ordeal and she waits for as long as possible before getting news ones. This is because they tend to be slippy and takes a couple of weeks for her to get used to. But with drybands she can swap and change colours and use new ones straight away with no problem. 🙌It reduces the stress of getting new wristbands so much. One less thing to worry about. 💪