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What makes DRYbands better?

Pain Isn't Necessary

Sweaty, damp skin leaves your
wrists raw with sores that
never seem to heal.

DRYbands' patented design pulls sweat away from your skin with a
unique core that's
20x more absorbent than cotton.

...DRYbands reduce or ELIMINATE irritation and
rips on the wrists,
so you can train in COMFORT.

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Hygienic & healthier

Throw out those crunchy cotton
and un-washable
bacteria-filled neoprene
wristbands already!

DRYbands have an
antimicrobial treatment and are

after washing
& luck never washes out.

Replace your Old wristbands

Elegant & Customizable

Don't allow floppy leather buckles to
ruin your meticulous look &
end the constant grip adjusting.

DRYbands flip up to
keep grips from
snagging expensive leotards,
coming loose or slipping around
to prevent unnecessary deductions.

...DRYbands can be CUSTOMIZED with motivational sayings
or your Team's logo.


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The DRYbands are awesome! They are so comfortable and I haven’t had any rips on my wrists since I started using them. They are easy to break in, in fact, I competed with them two days after I got them.

Stefanie Conrad Smith

These were a game changer. My daughter started training level 8 last year and the increase of giants and big swinging tricks caused her major ripping on her wrists. We had a whole regimen and night that she went through to prevent it getting any worse. At one point she even had an infection. Someone had mentioned these to her coach and recommended that we try them. She has worn them ever since and her wrist rips are completely gone! She is now training level 9 and she has no issues at all with rips! I highly recommend!


DRYbands are by far the best wristbands! I could not do bars without them....

Kaitlyn Marcussen

They make wearing grips a lot more comfortable especially for little hands. Their customer service is also fantastic. They are extremely responsive and helpful.


I have tried other wristbands, but none of them compare to my DRYbands. They are comfortable, easy to put on, they don’t slide...

Trinity Wood

Mi hija Sofia usa drybands desde hace 3 años y fue la solución para evitar que se lastimen sus muñecas y ademas sus grips quedan aseguradas en su lugar. Son muy resistentes y ama la variedad de colores !

Maria Fernanda Yrigoyen

High quality product!! DryBands are the only product that have helped with rips! There is no other product that we have found that comes close to the protection this product provides.

daughter- Madison

My 8 yr old daughter suffers from a medical condition which makes her hands & wrists sweat excessively. When she started to use grips, we found that using drybands helped keep her hands & wrists dry and rip free! Having that confidence of non sweaty hands & wrists has helped her practice bars longer as well. Not only did they do that, they are comfortable, easy to put on and she loves that they come in different colors. You can customize them too! Their customer service is great and their shipping is fast! I highly recommend drybands to any gymnast! My daughter is a lifetime user and supporter. Thank you Drybands for producing a product that actually works :)

Kari Morris

My daughter finds drybands amazing. Usually when she needs new wristbands it's an ordeal and she waits for as long as possible before getting news ones. This is because they tend to be slippy and takes a couple of weeks for her to get used to. But with drybands she can swap and change colours and use new ones straight away with no problem. 🙌It reduces the stress of getting new wristbands so much. One less thing to worry about. 💪