Q. Do these really work?

A. They really do!  Check out our reviews page or follow us on Instagram @drybands  for examples of real gymnasts who have purchased and and are using DRYbands!  Then try them for yourself and let us know what you think!  We welcome all of your honest feedback and offer free returns if you don't love them!


Q. I am in between sizes.  Should I size up or down?

A. Generally speaking, you should size up.  DRYbands fit snugly and sizing down will make them harder to put on.  However, everyone is unique, so if you still have questions, send your palm and wrist measurements to jen@drybands.com and we can help you decide!  

Rest assured, if your DRYbands arrive too large or too small, we can help you find the size you need.

We recommend waiting to customize your DRYbands until you have found the size that is perfect for you.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. We can issue a full refund on wristbands showing no signs of wear and partial refunds for worn wristbands.  Please see our full return policy here

Customized wristbands may be returned for a maximum refund of $15.*

Chalk buckets, Chalk, Tape and Pre-Wrap are final sale and are not eligible for returns or exchanges due to the personal nature of these items.*

*If we make a mistake on your customized product, please send us an email so we can correct our mistake!



Q. My DRYbands are hard to get on or off, what can I do?

A. DRYbands are designed not to slip.  This makes them great to wear, but sometimes difficult to get on and off.  Here are some tips to make it easier!

          1.  Put a bit of chalk on the backs of your hands to slip DRYbands on easily when hands are sweaty.

          2.  To remove DRYbands after a good bars rotation, unroll them to get them off.  This will help them dry out better also.

          3.   If you are still struggling to get them on, it is possible you would be comfortable in a larger size. Visit our return portal for a complimentary return label or send us an email at jen@DRYbands.com with your order number and we can help you!


Q. My DRYbands feel like they are slipping!  What should I do?

A.  Sometimes DRYbands take a day to get used to, but if it is the second day and they still feel like they are slipping, they are probably just a size too big.  Visit our return portal for a complimentary return label, or send us an email at jen@DRYbands.com with your order number and we can help you get the size you need!


Q. You are sold out of my size!!  How will I know when they are restocked?

A. Be sure to add your email to the subscribers list (form at bottom of page) and follow us on Instagram @drybands so you will be among the first to know when we get them!  If there is a color that you wish we had, let us know!!


Q. Does one order contain one wristband or two wristbands?

A. Each unit contains one pair of wristbands, one single wristband for each hand.


Q. Does the wristband go under or over the grips?

A. Both!  First, slide on the DRYbands wristband with the care instructions on the outside.  
Second, put on your grips and lastly, flip the lower half up to cover your buckles or velcro. 


 Check out our HOW TO WEAR page for a video and more information!


Q. Do you sell in bulk to teams?

A. Yes!  An order of 10 pairs or more is considered a bulk order and will be given a discount.  We can also add your Team Logo or send a sizer set.  Please contact us at jen@DRYbands.com for pricing breakdown and more information.  


Q. My DRYbands worked really well but then they suddenly stopped working.

A. DRYbands work best when washed every few weeks!  If the inner material is saturated with chalk and sweat, they cannot do their job.  Giving them a good wash will bring them back to their rip-eliminating best!

Just be sure to never use heat when washing or drying your DRYbands!
(Hot water or hot air to dry)  
This will destroy the inner fabric forever.


Q. How can I show my love for DRYbands?

A. The best compliment is when you recommend them to your friends!  

We also LOVE when customers leave us reviews or tag us in their posts/stories!!  Leave us a review or tag us on Instagram @drybands and let us know what you think!


Q. Can I suggest a color?

A. Absolutely!  We love to hear from you and want to know what colors or patterns you would love to wear in the future!  DRYbands are made for you and we want to make sure you fall in love with them every time you put them on!  Send us a message by email: jen@drybands.com or DM us on Instagram, @drybands!


Q. Why do you use black and white stripes in your marketing?

A. The symbol for uneven bars in women's gymnastics, or parallel bars in men's gymnastics, is denoted by two parallel lines.  Black and white stripes are representative of this.


Q. I still have questions!

A. Please contact us at jen@DRYbands.com!  We love to hear from you!