About Me

The Woman behind DRYbands...


Hello, I am Jen Dodson and DRYbands are the most exciting and challenging project I have ever attempted.

I came up with the concept for DRYbands in 2016 and spent 2 years developing and testing samples before first selling them online in November 2018.  In addition to running my own company, I still coach part time as well!

I began coaching gymnastics when I was 15 and still competing myself.  Coaching part-time later gave me the income and time necessary to attend college classes and eventually earn a Bachelors in Kinesiology.  But, even after graduation, I couldn't leave the gym.  It was more than a job to me, it was a passion.  Even after more than 15 years of coaching, I am still inspired by new drills, techniques and perspectives in gymnastics every day.  Additionally, it is truly amazing how much the children themselves have, and will continue, to teach me.  I can't imagine ever stepping away from the sport that I love so much.  

In my coaching, I believe that each child is a human first and a gymnast second and I strive to bring that philosophy into my business as well.  My belief is that all people should be treated with respect- no matter what level they have achieved, or what program they compete for.  Much like in the sport of gymnastics, I also seek to constantly improve.  Honesty, hard work and kindness are my core values, with a streak of creativity and an element of fun! 

My husband... who is still working full-time at his current job, helps me to fill orders and never complains when I want to bounce ideas off of him.  Our relationship allows him to be completely honest and straightforward with me, which helps me to make decisions and step outside my comfort zone.  His point of view is often times different than mine, which helps me see a bigger picture and to make better choices.

My two beautiful daughters, ages 3 and 5 help me to remember the joy of being a kid and to keep a sense of humor, even on the hard days.  Time is meaningless when a good song is on and almost everything can be funny or beautiful when viewed from the right perspective.  When I am answering emails with "A Whole New World" on at full volume in the background while drinking my 3rd cup of coffee, it reminds me that the person whom I am speaking to is likely in the same or a very similar boat.  Becoming a mother gave me perspective and a greater understanding of what parents are going through- the fears, frustrations, pride and incredible love- which I never completely understood before.

I created DRYbands for gymnasts everywhere- no matter their skill or talent level.  DRYbands are for anyone who has suffered through painful sores on their wrists or from the fear of slipping because their grips are loose.  I want the young women and men, who spend more hours working in the gym than they spend doing anything else, to be a bit more comfortable and maybe even more confident.  I want to make the sport they love more fun, more comfortable and more amazing every day, because gymnastics really is the best!